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TV programme pitch

Turning Concepts into TV Reality

Reliable and trackable delivery of pilot video productions and associated media to commissioners and other interested parties.

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Platform Features

  • safe


    Secure HLS video encryption to prevent unauthorised downloads

  • chart

    Viewer Analytics

    Viewing heatmaps and engagement graphs

  • shield-star


    Branded video players in your corporate colour scheme

  • film

    Optimised Resolution

    Auto-optimised delivery resolution with 4k UHD support

  • lock

    Secure Login

    Optional private site protection with username and password

  • user-edit

    Email Gating

    Optional public site with video playback protection

  • link

    Access Links

    Access to site via link or URL with end user access management

  • checklist

    End Triggers

    Interactive calls to action, feedback and comment request forms

  • simple and flexible options


    Contact us if you need a custom pricing option

    • Monthly

      from £695
      Minimum 3 Months

      Includes four hours custom page development and configuration.

      • Includes all features

      • Single presentation page

      • Excludes video hosting

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